About the Shop

I opened Mystic Haircutting in July of 1997. My original idea was to create a barber shop experience that moved away from the old school traditional mentality toward a more welcoming and inclusive environment. Another one of my goals was to offer the client a more wide-ranging, well-rounded haircut while still maintaining a comfortable barber shop atmosphere.

The shop has since evolved from its original one-chair operation into a collective of barbers offering specialized looks suiting the client’s wishes. We also offer the relaxing experience of hot lather straight razor shaves. Our barbers are versatile and adept at many different styles ranging from classic old school cuts, to fades, to straight scissor cuts. Our goal is a satisfying experience combining the client’s needs with our decades of experience and diverse expertise.

We accept walk-ins depending on availability, and also offer appointments as a convenience.

Dave Hadley


I have been in the barbering business for over 25 years and I love what I do. I originally began working in barber shops at age 20 as a cosmetologist by trade. This early training has made my scissor work versatile across many different hair types and styles. My work barbering has combined this range of experience to give my clients haircuts that suit their unique head shape with a look appealing to his needs. My favorite part of this business is the connection I make with the clients themselves and the exchange I’ve had with many amazing people over the years.

The best way to check available times and book an appointment with me is by using the link below, but you can always call the shop line at 415.255.8473.


I began cutting hair in 1987 and I still love it. While I consider California home now, I have worked and trained in NYC and Florida. I do classic haircuts for both men and women, but now I concentrate on scissor cuts, clipper cuts and fades.


I have been in the industry for over a decade and still feel very dedicated to the work. I believe in constantly evolving and educating myself so I can be the best barber/hairstylist I can be. I specialize in short and long cuts and could work with all textures of hair. I take the time to listen to what you want so you can be satisfied with your cut. I love to build relationships with my clients and have been working with a lot of the same clientele for 10+ years. I take a lot of pride in my work and promise to do the best to my ability. I hope to see you in my chair!!!


Starting out in this industry more than a decade ago as a make-up artist, I began my love of barbering when I moved to San Francisco in 2011. I am happy to say I have found my home at Mystic Haircutting in 2017 doing what I love most: helping people love who they see in the mirror!

Over the years I’ve worked with & gained training from many popular product lines & maintain a nerd-ly passion for all things involving haircare…(& other things too). That said, I also love working with people who take the more “natural” route. Having somewhat difficult hair myself, I understand the struggle to tame hair into something manageable. Let’s talk & we’ll figure out the easiest way for you to achieve the look you’re going for based on your personal routine.

Looking forward to meeting you!


With over ten years behind the chair, I still strive to give the best personalized consultations with all my clients, regardless of my experience with them. I’m always seeking educational opportunities and support from fellow barbers to further improve my skills. With that being said, I specialize in all gender haircuts (short and long) and hair textures, a keen eye to detail, and always engages in clear communication with clients so they leave my chair happy.

I look forward to meeting you!


I started my career in hairdressing 13 years ago in New York, and have spent the past six here in San Francisco. In that time I’ve transitioned from styling, to coloring, to barbering, and am always finding inspiration to try new (or old!) things. One of the things I love most about my work is the opportunity to make connections with the amazing, unique people of this city, and really bring out their best potential with a great, customized cut. I’m looking forward to to helping you look and feel your best!

I look forward to meeting you!